Love Hate Thing


I know it’s been a while since I put down something here, yea I know. A lot has been going on until today I decided to let my mind take a creative journey , thanks to my good friend Dru. He took me to some “Wale schooling” and yes I know from the songs I listened to I love ‘Ambitious Girl’, but I got more attached the ‘ Love Hate’ song. I mean you’ve gotta love how this song begins with sound of a street nearby, a car moving and some hooting noise, as Wale walks on set to the band set up right next to Sam Dew, as Sam begins to sing as he snaps his finger gradually raising his voice. For me this just gets my goose bumps up already.

According to this song describes a love-hate relationship, an interpersonal relationship involving simultaneous or alternating emotions of love and hate – something particularly common when emotions are intense. It’s a passive-aggressive type of love. The love hate relationship he’s referring to is most likely the music industry.

This love hate thing is the kind of passive aggressive relationship you could have with those who are closest to you. Ever been in a state where you know you are loved by someone but they keep making you feel like they don’t but then again pick you up when you are down and raise you up.

In this song Wale goes on and on about his life and he beat the odds to get where he is now. He appreciates his up bringing and where he grew up for what he is and what he is not. He talks about his journey in the music industry and how he has lost friends on the way, he wishes they could also be up the ladder as he is going. He thanks God that he didn’t take the wrong direction  as his friends did , lest  he would have lost his pathway to his living his dreams.

This song got me thinking a lot about my life and the struggles I have been so far. So  many friends and relationships I have lost on the way and was so lost about them but came to the realization that they were all for my good.  You may never be appreciated by your own but that doesn’t mean you need to stop. Never loose sight of your dreams and ambitions no matter what.

I know I wasn’t inspired much in the writing but this song will sure get you up on your feet….

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In the year 2013 alone, Mavuno church collected KES 281,615,836, paid their staff KES 84,118,582, that’s 30% of the total gross income received (who starts a church in Kenya to share 30% of net income) and that includes the senior pastors. On top of that they pay their taxes and P.A.Y.E as everyone else according to their audited books of accounts by audit firm Deloitte and Touche. They go ahead and explain in detail how all monies have been expended, I wonder which other church in Kenya does this? Founded in 2005 but traces its roots back to British settlers’ that’s a long story for another day. Mavuno has a big vision ‘’to plant a culture defining church in all the cities of AFRICA and all the gateway cities of the world by 2035’’and the man behind it is Pastor Muriithi Wanjau. Its mission turning ordinary people into fearless influence-rs…

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autumn leaves

There comes a point in life when things are coming to an end. At times we want to hold on with every little bit of strength we have even when our palms cant hold on much longer. See it’s difficult for we as humans when transitioning to a new phase that we cannot avoid.

One of the best Chris Brown songs I have grown attached to is “Autumn Leaves” on which  he featured Kendrick Lamar. You all know about Chris Brown and his ability to make you  fall in love with a song and his vocals, and to top it up with a rap from Kendrick, amazing. In this slow and goose bump revealing song, Chris expresses himself about his relationship and how it’s getting to a point it feels like its getting to the end . He compares it to autumn, a beautiful season transitioning  summer into winter.

“If you leave this time I fear that you’ll be gone for good, so I hold on like leaves and fall to what is left”..He begins

Many a times we get ourselves into friendships and relationships that are tough to handle and ruin us. It makes it even more difficult to leave when you value the individual despite the negatives they have in your life. You hold on so much because you don’t want to leave them and cannot imagine not having them in your life. At times you don’t want to be a disappointment to this individual you love since they may have gone through something tragic in the past.

Chris in this song talks about how he wouldn’t want to leave this lady like her father left. He had promised this would be forever for them in a tone similar to the one the dad used to promise her he would be back. He is trying to hold on to what is left in their relationship despite it being her fault their relationship is fading.

“I’ve been bleeding in your silence, I feel safer in your violence”

From this you can get that he is hurting from the silent treatment and would rather have a fight to get some kind of interaction .

He goes on and on till Kendrick comes with his verse. In his verse he talks about so much of how at times we try to hard to please others and make it work disregarding ourselves. He picks on criticizing how people may not see our value until we break out and shine.In this verse he talks to Chris asking him to rise above the critics and come out strong. He talks about how no matter how tough we look or seem at times we go through so much and have to make tough decisions. We all sin and at times we don’t know how to resolve our issues, he advices that we pray about it. He explains further how despite our shortcomings God still values and listens to us, so it’s up to us to come out strong.

autumn leaves kendrick

This song reminds me of a post I saw this morning

kkIt takes  a lot to move on but if  anything doesn’t add value to you loose it and move on from it. That’s all from me today I leave you with this amazing song to listen to and don’t forget to subscribe.

Am Not Afraid

am not afraid

It’s my birthday today! Yay! today I turn 26. I thank God for letting me live another year above quarter a decade. Today I grow a year older and wiser.

This year has kicked off well I could say, I made major decisions in life to stop living mediocre and be a better being. The year is still young but the experiences have been through could make me think I have been through half the year already.

Me taking a different road in my life has come with so much criticism , so many hard decisions to be made, so many people and things to let go. I could say am not there yet but the feeling I have is one full of peace and happiness. I could say I have learnt so much thus far and am heading somewhere already.

We tend to hold back in making meaningful decisions in life since we luck courage. It only takes one step to turn and live towards a better life. Taking a different turn comes with so many challenges to take up. It comes with making a decision deep down ,facing your fears and forging ahead.

Today’s focus goes to the song ” Am Not Afraid” by Eminem. This song was done at the point in life where he had to make major decisions in his life and stop living the same mediocre kind of life. This song goes on about the many things that he has been through and done wrong, but he is willing to change and is encouraging the rest of the world to join him.

My favourite part of this song is this hook

“And I just can’t keep living this way
So starting today, I’m breaking out of this cage
I’m standing up, I’ma face my demons
I’m manning up, I’ma hold my ground
I’ve had enough, now I’m so fed up
Time to put my life back together right now!”

It takes a lot to make a change in your life, but they say you cannot choose to do things the same way and expect things to get better. Don’t let fear hold you back, be a better person. Don’t be afraid!!!

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keep calm it's my birthday




Be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy. We all have dreams, goals ambitions or whatever you want to name it at the end of the day the end result is we being happy.

It’s just about 18 days till I turn a year older. So much has been going especially since this year began. I decided to live a different kind of life. Tired of all the crazies in my life, non-fulfilling relationships and so much of an un-fulfilling life, I decided to reshape my life.

I decided to go to church more read the bible more and do things that influence my life positively. I know its barely a month since the year began

Wanna be Happy?


Everyone wants to be happy and everyone has different ways to be happy. Some look for it in material things,some just few things they have and some peace of mind.

This month is my birthday month and am turning 26, this year I decided to rededicate my life to Christ. I was tired of the same everyday, things that kept hurting me and kicking me off. Its the only happiness I needed for such a time in my life, I was just tired of being mediocre and not living a purposeful life.

Most of us keep looking for happiness in things that don’t even matter at all. In this few days of this year I have learnt a lot of peace , so much happiness and most importantly I learnt to let go and let God in all the tricky situations. I learnt its all in my hands to decide my happiness in whatever situation I am in.

I won’t lie it’s not been easy but I keep learning and being better . Today my focus came to one brand new song by Kirk Franklin. Anyone who has been listening to contemporary gospel is a Kirk Franklin fan. This is amazing song is called “Wanna be Happy?”.

In this song he talks about how much control we have in our happiness. Sometimes we look for it in places we don’t need to. Being happy needs us to get away from the norm and take a different way. Letting Jesus take the wheel in our lives and leading us to right direction.

My best part of this song is

“If you’re tired of being the same
If you’re tired of things not changing
It’s time for you to get out the way
Don’t get stuck in how you feel
Say Jesus take the wheel
He knows the road that you need to take”

I refuse to get stuck in how I feel and be happy. #Happybirthdaymonthtome here is this beautiful song.

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I did not have medicine to heal some pains neither did I have a doctor. So I found something that did not heal me, but it took away the pain. This are the songs of a lifetime.